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For the record: I am not a musician; I don't know anything technical about music in general or jazz in particular; however, I know what I like!

My daughter, Erica, says that I have "Old Dead Guy's(ODG) Syndrome" - to her that means that I don't like an album unless the leader was an old guy who died at least 10 years ago. Its close, but not true. Do I have a favorite artist or album or song? Yes, but it changes often!  Most often, it seem to be piano music often - solo or trio are my favorites.    Our collection include the complete "Live At Maybeck" piano solo series. 2016 additions to our collection include box set of: Horace Silver, Bud Powell,Curtis Fuller,Duke Ellington,and Charlie Byrd.

I am using a PC connected to our entertainment system to play music. The center piece is an Access database that I have designed. The hardware setup and the main screen of the database are pictured below. The main breakthrough for me came when I realized that I could connect Access to Winamp and build and play playlists in real time. I guess I will also include some screen shots other forms so you can get a flavor of how this all goes together.

Its really lots of fun. For example, if I am listening to an album and I like the tenor player, I can click on his name and the system will show me all of the albums that I have that he is playing on. One more click and it will play all of those albums! I can also send the URL for an internet radio station to Winamp. So sometimes I just listen to internet radio. Did you notice the big screen TV and the wireless keyboard and mouse? I can do all of this while sitting on the couch!

Our music system - Hardware
Our music system - The Database Main Screen
Our music system - Browse By Year Screen
Our music system - Play Random
Our music system - Search Screen
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